Are you using ‘Status Elevation’ in your marketing?

I feel like there’s one, massive variable and ingredient that’s constantly missing. Maybe the MOST important variable that we’re not considering: What happens AFTER someone buys from you.
Are you using ‘Status Elevation’ in your marketing?  It’s a game changer…  
Ok…so I’m scanning my social feeds this morning, looking for patterns on anyone posting about marketing and business.
Here’s what I see…
==> How to make more money
==> How to make ‘big ticket’ offers
==> How to build funnels and collect more ‘leads’
==> How to attract clients
==> How to create content that goes viral
All selling a dream, that if you do and say the right things online, people will be throwing their credit cards at you.
I’m not going to bash any of this.
I just feel like there’s one, massive variable and ingredient that’s constantly missing.  
Maybe the MOST important variable that we’re not considering:
<< What happens AFTER someone buys from you.>>
In other words, how to create the most incredible product, service, or experience, that’s not only worth investing in, but most importantly…
…worth investing your client’s status and reputation to recommend to others.  
If we understand this 1 concept, we’ll be able to impact a lot more people.
Let’s dive a little deeper.
First - why do we recommend, share, refer, or endorse anything to people we know?
Seth Godin said it best when I interviewed him a couple of years ago:
“All people are either trying to elevate or protect their status.”
We share things with people, because we believe that by doing so, we’ll look better to them, we’ll deepen our relationship with them, maybe we’ll look smarter, and our status will be protected or elevated.
It’s also the reason why people buy almost anything - because they get to tell the story of who they are or who they want to become by buying it.
So what does this have to do with me and you?
Well, what if, instead of investing a lot of our time wondering what to post on social, or how to get more leads, or build a giant audience….
…we invest more in creating something remarkable, that’s worth our clients’ recommendations to others, because it elevates their status to do so?
A transformed client story, can be your best marketing.
A transformed client whose status is elevated by talking about their transformation and how you helped them, can be your best salesperson.
(And again - I’m not against ads and funnels and viral content - I see them as incredible tools for amplifying Status Elevation).
Just think of anything that you’ve recently purchased or invested in, that you also recommended to other people.  Chances are, you were confident that by making the recommendation, your friends will be grateful that you did.
And if you’re reading this, I invite you to start thinking about taking your client delivery from good or great, to remarkable and highly recommendable.
Start at the end and ask yourself why and how a happy, transformed client would have their status elevated by recommending you, then reverse engineer the client journey so that it is embedded in your business model and marketing.
(If you're a member of Archangel Synergy or Council, we'll be going deeper on this together).
For more nuggets on this topic, read Seth Godin’s books This is Marketing, and Purple Cow.  You’ll also love the books Viralnomics from my friend Jonathan Goodman, and Contagious by Jonah Berger.
(All three of these amazing authors have spoken at my Archangel events).
FYI - Next week I’m going to share another post on something new I’m calling ‘Attracting Champion Clients’.  So if you’re new to my world, please follow me here.
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